Who am I

Published on 21 January 2024 at 23:54

Hey, I’m Erica recently my family and I up and moved States, while the change of location is scary I saw the opportunity to finally start my dream life. Let’s start with who I am. I’m a 20-year-old born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts. Growing up I always had horses, pigs, goats, chickens, and cattle but it was just a hobby. Around age 15 my parents ran into money problems and we had to sell. I parted ways with everything for years until 2 years ago I met a friend who had sold horses. I fell in love with this one horse he was a black thoroughbred unfortunately he was already sold. Fast forward a year later and he was for sale I took the chance and I bought him and here we are today I can’t imagine ever parting ways with him. Once we moved I immediately started looking for more, we ended up buying two baby Goats, and boy do I have so many plans for them in the future. So that’s my life and now that we’re caught up I hope you keep up with my journey and follow along as we build our dream life homesteading. I have a lot to learn and there will be many ups and downs. hopefully, it helps you with your homesteading life and I can’t wait to get started

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